History of Go Ratings

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1980-01-01Kato MasaoCho ChikunOtake Hideo
1981-01-01Cho ChikunOtake HideoCho Hunhyun
1982-01-01Cho ChikunCho HunhyunOtake Hideo
1983-01-01Cho HunhyunCho ChikunKobayashi Koichi
1984-01-01Cho HunhyunCho ChikunKobayashi Koichi
1985-01-01Cho HunhyunKobayashi KoichiCho Chikun
1986-01-01Cho HunhyunKobayashi KoichiCho Chikun
1987-01-01Cho HunhyunCho ChikunKato Masao
1988-01-01Cho HunhyunNie WeipingKobayashi Koichi
1989-01-01Cho HunhyunNie WeipingKobayashi Koichi
1990-01-01Cho HunhyunLee ChanghoKobayashi Koichi
1991-01-01Lee ChanghoCho HunhyunKobayashi Koichi
1992-01-01Lee ChanghoCho HunhyunKobayashi Koichi
1993-01-01Lee ChanghoCho HunhyunCho Chikun
1994-01-01Lee ChanghoCho HunhyunCho Chikun
1995-01-01Lee ChanghoCho HunhyunMa Xiaochun
1996-01-01Lee ChanghoCho HunhyunMa Xiaochun
1997-01-01Lee ChanghoCho HunhyunYoo Changhyuk
1998-01-01Lee ChanghoYoo ChanghyukCho Hunhyun
1999-01-01Lee ChanghoYoo ChanghyukCho Hunhyun
2000-01-01Lee ChanghoCho HunhyunYoo Changhyuk
2001-01-01Lee ChanghoCho HunhyunLee Sedol
2002-01-01Lee ChanghoCho HunhyunLee Sedol
2003-01-01Lee ChanghoGu LiLee Sedol
2004-01-01Lee ChanghoGu LiLee Sedol
2005-01-01Lee ChanghoLee SedolGu Li
2006-01-01Lee ChanghoGu LiLee Sedol
2007-01-01Lee SedolGu LiXie He
2008-01-01Lee SedolGu LiLee Changho
2009-01-01Lee SedolGu LiKong Jie
2010-01-01Lee SedolKong JieChoi Cheolhan
2011-01-01Lee SedolPark JunghwanChoi Cheolhan
2012-01-01Park JunghwanLee SedolShi Yue
2013-01-01Shi YuePark JunghwanLee Sedol
2014-01-01Park JunghwanShi YueKe Jie
2015-01-01Ke JiePark JunghwanShi Yue
2016-01-01Ke JiePark JunghwanMi Yuting
2017-01-01Ke JiePark JunghwanShin Jinseo
2018-01-01Park JunghwanShin JinseoKe Jie
2019-01-01Shin JinseoPark JunghwanKe Jie
2020-01-01Shin JinseoKe JiePark Junghwan
2021-01-01Shin JinseoKe JiePark Junghwan
2022-01-01Shin JinseoKe JiePark Junghwan
2023-01-01Shin JinseoPark JunghwanKe Jie
2024-01-01Shin JinseoPark JunghwanWang Xinghao

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